June 6, 2009

Second Half + Renaissance

Salam everybody :D

Today is Saturday.
Tomorrow is Sunday,
And the day after tomorrow is Monday.
(Hehe, saje je tulis hari sbb tyme holiday nih, asyik lupa hari jek :p)

Nothing special for today except going to Monticello for a camping and fishing for the 2nd time. Weeehooo~! That is soo special!
*Be ready for my bait wahai ikan2 stone sucker and catfish and shad kt Monticello!

Now, I’ve got into is the second half of the very relaxing Maymester.
In less than two weeks from now, everything will be transitioned again: STUDY and STUDY and STUDY!
No matter what, pointer has to be improved for the tremendous future. That’s it.

Everything needs to be adjusted and altered. Back to the normal life as a Muslim student.
Be strong Mat, u can do it. As you feel confident of Allah’s help and assistance, u will be facing a happy ending of your life in the future. Indeed, Allah is always close to the tawakkal Muslim. God’s willing.

Remember the formula,
D = R x T
Doa = Redha x Tawakkal
As the time goes by, u will be the best man had grown up with patience in this world.
Keep it up, Matstar! ☺