April 16, 2010

Abercrombie & Bitch

Do we have to really come up with a long-run plan of life? A 10-year plan maybe? I mean, why don't we just live our life on, facing all the trials and tribulations that await us? With style? Oh man..I am just being so lethargic in making up any plan.

By the way, by hook or by crook, I would have to make one up right? Ok fine, I'll do it. Even though my lazy and sluggish soul says NO, I'll do it. So, who's going to fit into my list? Anyone?

Erm, never mind. I'll do it. Alone. I like to do things alone lately: finishing up hws, going to get a bite for lunch or breakfast sometimes, watching movies, killing some times with playing 360. Why? Can I just ask somebody to be my companion in doing things? Hmm..maybe I'll mess them up. I mean, look at me, having trouble with urinating. Always wanted to pee, regardless of the time and place. Huh, I really hate this guys. Seriously, I mean it. Deep inside my heart, I would really want to say, "Get off me, Abercrombie and Bitch!". But you know, shit happens right? There are silver linings behind it and I haven't discovered them yet..or maybe I am too lazy for that. Astaghfirullah..

So now, back to my original plan. What should I have next for my perfection in life? A house? Or maybe a nice-looking car? Hmm..Lets just put the house aside for a while and consider the car. Ok, the car. I have to find a car for me. At Least it will keep me dry whenever it's raining. Owh btw, this car will be used while I am in the country of Malaysia, because I already have this in the states :D . But I am not the sole owner, I am part of the 5 shareholders. I promise I'll upload the picture of me and this 'Running Horse' anytime soon ok?

* * * * *
Blue Nile is hiring people now. So, more Halal-Zabihah restaurant will be available soon.
For now, Chicago or Black-and-Gold Boilermakers? I don't have any clue. Oh God, help me with this.

note: We don't ever say Yes to unsure things, don't we?