January 24, 2010

Super Bowl 44: Colts VS Saints

Ok now I'm stuck. Which one should get my full support: the team of your place that you belong to or the team that has your ex-QB of your college? The Indianapolis Colts or the New Orleans Saints?

Ok now let's make it simple. Whoever wins the game, i'll be in that team. How does it sound? Sounds much fair and unbias right? lol

Congrats to Colts for defeating the New York Jets and a huge applause for the Saints for not losing hope in the last minute. Your interception was awesome!

Whatever it is, gotta watch the Super Bowl 44 on Feb 7.

Left: Peyton Manning 18
Right: Drew Brees 9

January 23, 2010

2 is greater than 1

They say, "Two is better than one". And I say, "Two is greater than one". Which one is the right one? Yes, surely it's mine! Two is always greater than one. If you say no, then you have to go back to your primary school and learn Math again.

Ahhh..It's just the song by Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. And it keeps repeating all day long thru the radio. It is like a song in an iPod stuck on replay. I believe that the DJ has already set the time to air the song and he goes eating Subway from am to pm. Huh.

Anyways, Colts will be meeting Jets in the AFC Championship while the old-timer's team, Brett Favre, the Vikings will be fighting the Ex-Purdue QB Drew Brees, the Saints tomorrow evening. I won't go anywhere, will do anything to keep my eyes staring in front of my 52" Sony television.Whose your favorite team? Your expected team to grab the Super Bowl champion title this season?
Owh, it will be the Colts! Or at least the Saints! Yeah!

Hey, how about the Midwest Games that has been a hot issue lately? Yes, its Purdue! We gonna organize this prestigious event. And the most beautiful part is, I just play. No need to hardly plan and plan and plan and get everything settled, I mean going back and forth to meet 'someone' and set up an organized plan. Huh. That's terrible.

Never mind, I know I am not capable to do those kind of things. I just can see people doing their job done. That's all. Thanks everyone! :D

Owh btw, not forget to mention. I have my desktop done! Yeay! Can you believe I assemble them myself? Omg, I can't believe this either. You know what, passion determines triumph. You can do it if you think you can do it.
23" Samsung monitor + AMD Phenom X3 2.5 Ghz Triple Core + ASUS motherboard + 900 Gb HDD + 500wt PSU + 6 Gb DDR2 RAM + Cooler Master Elit 341 Mini Tower Chassis+ Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
Isn't it a nice machine? Oh, at least it can stay for one-and-half-year because I'm planning to build another one (way better than this, hopefully) before going back home. And now this is the real nice, isn't it?

Err..anyone who interested, give me a ring. Price is negotiable.

January 18, 2010

101 East : Whose God?

I'm not very sure how should I react now. The snow falling pace is decreasing by now, the snow is melting. Fahrenheit degree shows the range between the interval of 29-33 most of the days. Maybe I should say Alhamdulillah as God knows what is best for me, less cold a.k.a more heat.

What's happening now? The issue of Allah's name has been very hot at the moment since the last time it was debated in the late of 2007. And now it is highlighted again. Why? Is there any hidden agenda that the Catholic is pursuing of raising this chaotic predicament? They have succeeded causing the Malay Muslims to fight each other, bringing this issue to another political debate. Oh my..I hate political debate. Plus, debate that organized by selecting the so-called 'less-credibility-to-talk' people will just mess up the situation, not to bring up the truth.

Having watched the 101 East : Whose God? produced by Al-Jazeera, made me feel more unease. Common man, Marina Mahathir shouldn't be there! What credibility that a social activist has to talk about Islam while she herself doesn't follow the right way of wearing the Hijab, as clean-and-clearly ordered in the Holy Qor'an? Oh my God, this is one of the sign of the Doomsday, when Ulama' fatwa is put aside and people with less knowledge about Islam is brought forward to give a speech.

I'm tired of this. But I have to admit that this issue has it's agenda. The government wants to hide something? It is true? Maybe not..or maybe YES! The use of name Allah shouldn't be taken lightly. We own the right to have it, not the non-muslims!

January 11, 2010

The S.I.G.N

When the sign of Allah's greatness lights the one who has been searching for it, no one can ever fight His supremacy.
The video of a photographer (Ruben Abu Bakr) telling the story of the moment when he was about jumping into Islam and he eventually did it.

Allah is not going anywhere my friend, we are instead.
Wanna find His sign, grab His holy Book and read it.

January 7, 2010

Power Rangers went travelling.

Too many to be storied. But first thing first, I lost my Adidas Samba, the first pair of shoes I've ever had in this states. :(

I got many things to write, a lot of experiences to be told, and tons of photos to be shown. But for you guys, I've got only this entry. Enjoy it.

Muktamar '09. Atlanta, Georgia.
I drove my KIA Forte (not actually mine, we rent it) 5+ hours from Purdue to Vanderbilt. Stop by Vandy Uni for a good-nite break and continued the next morning. Add more 5+hours (I guess) of driving to Holiday Inn Hotel, Atlanta. Spent around 4 days and 3 nights there to have seminars, talks and whatever session there had over there to give people, primarily the Muslims, precious inputs by many prominent speakers such as Syaikh Omar Balouj, Ustaz Zamri and many others.
Done for Muktamar, straight to North Carolina for a double-purpose stay. Chill out and Stay Istiqamah.

The Cabin.
I've been to a cabin before, which is located at the very beautiful mountain called Smoky. This time, I would grade the first cabin as way better than this time, simply because it was much more expensive. Make sense rite?

The snow.
Huh. The winter season this year here in WL, to me, got a little weird. First, it started very late compared to last year. Undoubtly, the snow-storm was terrrible, very cold and superb windy. Secondly, my body can't stay any longer of this kind of extreme weather, seriously. I'd rather spend the whole day staying in my room than going down to the Brownstone 201 to make a laundry. Haih. Coldness has taken over my whole body.

Btw, my room arrangement has changed, a lot! Hope that it brings some goodness, well maybe little more spirit of studying for a lazy-and-malas student like me.

Two Reborn Power Rangers with their hideous weapon, Kia Forte.
[Click the picture to enlarge]