October 28, 2010


I've been going to class and gain nothing. When I say nothing, it's nothing. Zero, nul, nulpunt, azzerare, nulo, or whatever they call it in Japanese. I couldn't absorb whatever formula he (my lec of course) wrote on the board. Those formulas seem like...hmmm..whatever. I don't wanna talk about them. They suck!

As my post title's says, heteroskedasticity, despite of it's difficulty of writing it down, and it's weird kind of pronunciation, and long-and-suck word, I find it very suitable for a blog's name instead of a term for describing a variance in an error term, u, in a multiple or single regression in which it depends on the independent variables in the regression.


"Pardon me? Could you say it again?"
No, I couldn't.

See, I've told you, they suck right? I mean, They really are. I'm not soo into statistics anymore. Oh God, please let me out of this "full-of-fantasy" world.

I am wondering what this book talks about?

Keep it nice and simple. Just finish it over and we could turn back our life to normal mode next semester.

And go home.

Find some highly-respected (If I could control everything) positions.

And be somebody. PTD. lol

August 14, 2010

This is not mat

While watching Aston Villa menitik ( melumatkan) West Ham dengan jumlah gol 2 berbalas kosong (0), aku dan abang aku terkejut kejap.
Blackpool titik ( lumatkan) Wigan dgn gol 3 berbalas kosong. Fuyoooo.. Aku terus menghirup Nescafe ais kurang manis ( walaupun mamak ni xkurangkan kemanisannya. Haih)

Beberapa jam lagi aku akan kembali ke Purdue, tempat yang aku paling suka sebab sejuk. Ya, akulah manusia pelik yang sukakan kesejukan. Sebenarnya aku benci sejuk. Jangan tanya kenapa. Kalau nak tanya jugak, message kt inbox ye.

Sudah lebih sepuluh (10000) orang yg aku jumpe dan mereka bertanya soalan yang sama:

"Bile ko balik sane mat?"

Aku rase aku patut tulis kat kertas A4 pastu tampal kat muka aku ayat ni:
"Eh, nak balik mane? Kan aku x belajar kat US."

Ya, maaf. Aku balik Isnin ni. Pukul 10.45pm. Naik Singapore Airline. pastu transit jap kat Taiwan. pastu gi Frankfurt jap then jumpe Bojan Hodak ( betul ke ejaan ni, nama coach UPB myTeam tuh ). Tolong googlekan eh. Thanx.

Walaupon aku sedih sebab Gareth Bale x score dlm first game Tottenham vs Man City baru td, lg sedih hati aku sebab x dapat beli jersey Tottenham. Dah xde rezki kata org Jawa. Aku org jawa tp aku x ckp ayat td.

Btw, air Nescafe aku dah semakin menyejat. Dah la xleh refill mcm kt Dennys. Haih
Kalo dh xde sape nak refill tuk aku, aku nak mengundur diri. Besok nak tahan lapar lg. Moa2 esok lebih baik dan tubuh badan aku lebih sihat serta bacaan aku x ditinggalkan.

Selamat menyambut ramadhan kepada kamu. Ya, kamu yang sedang membaca post mengarut nih.

P/s: post ni mengarut sebab bukan mat yg tulis. Aku bukan mat. Aku MAT.

August 9, 2010

A black dot

It has been a long travel time
Since i was in a dark, no-light shine
Till someone made me realize
That i was at the side of the fire.

Does the pain weight out the pride?
And the black-white warrior of the house
Keeps fighting for his right and just
Till the end without a doubt.

Until when this pain has to go?
No one doesn't have the info
Only Him for sure
Everything's written in His power
That is hard and unchangable
Until we all see what we've done everyday life.

Does the pain weight out the price?
When you look for a place to hide
Life is stuck, there's no way in control
Like a genie trapped in a bottle.

We are the warriors
We'll stand and fight
To the end of the day
We'll free and fly...

August 1, 2010


This is the 49th post. I don't wanna talk crap but that won't happen because I always feel 'crap' all the time.
Fuuh. Oo my Lord, I really wanna change.

I don't want myself to be stuck in finding the light.
I desire a change, an inner change.
I don't want 'jahiliyah' and 'ego' get along around me on this road anymore.

Be a better man in the future is my ultimate goal now.
Pray for me. May the 50th is better, much better.

July 10, 2010


The time has not come..and yet, it is hoping to be coming in short of time. Insyaallah.
Have a strong faith, and you will be happy with the answers given by Him.

I am very sorry for the wrongdoings that I've done, so far..because I'm pretty confident that someone will be touched by my undertakings in the future. Please forgive me people. I dont have much time left, but believe me, I am not quitting of trying my best.

I am very thankful to everyone who keeps suplicating for my good health. Only Allah knows what are the rewards for you.

Thank you, everyone.

July 7, 2010

Let's be ourselves a little!

I've been going to Zafarullah Khan for uncountable times, just to get their free Wi-fi. Fuuh. I terminated the Maxis Broadband last week. Sorry, you couldn't feed my lust of surfing just because you are sooooo slow! So long Maxis!

Yes, I went to Hanin and Khairul's wedding. It was awesome! Congrats guys :D

Hi there, this post is just for you as you wish :)

Bile nak beli baju raya nih? ~_~

May 25, 2010

This shouldn't be a post, but..

I hated it when I had to bite alone.

Damn, I missed my Subway-partner.


April 16, 2010

Abercrombie & Bitch

Do we have to really come up with a long-run plan of life? A 10-year plan maybe? I mean, why don't we just live our life on, facing all the trials and tribulations that await us? With style? Oh man..I am just being so lethargic in making up any plan.

By the way, by hook or by crook, I would have to make one up right? Ok fine, I'll do it. Even though my lazy and sluggish soul says NO, I'll do it. So, who's going to fit into my list? Anyone?

Erm, never mind. I'll do it. Alone. I like to do things alone lately: finishing up hws, going to get a bite for lunch or breakfast sometimes, watching movies, killing some times with playing 360. Why? Can I just ask somebody to be my companion in doing things? Hmm..maybe I'll mess them up. I mean, look at me, having trouble with urinating. Always wanted to pee, regardless of the time and place. Huh, I really hate this guys. Seriously, I mean it. Deep inside my heart, I would really want to say, "Get off me, Abercrombie and Bitch!". But you know, shit happens right? There are silver linings behind it and I haven't discovered them yet..or maybe I am too lazy for that. Astaghfirullah..

So now, back to my original plan. What should I have next for my perfection in life? A house? Or maybe a nice-looking car? Hmm..Lets just put the house aside for a while and consider the car. Ok, the car. I have to find a car for me. At Least it will keep me dry whenever it's raining. Owh btw, this car will be used while I am in the country of Malaysia, because I already have this in the states :D . But I am not the sole owner, I am part of the 5 shareholders. I promise I'll upload the picture of me and this 'Running Horse' anytime soon ok?

* * * * *
Blue Nile is hiring people now. So, more Halal-Zabihah restaurant will be available soon.
For now, Chicago or Black-and-Gold Boilermakers? I don't have any clue. Oh God, help me with this.

note: We don't ever say Yes to unsure things, don't we?

March 9, 2010

Law-Abiding Citizen

Don't purposely make mistake. You'll learn the hard way.

February 22, 2010

First and Last Slap

My teacher's hand perched my cheek roughly (or you can consider it as he slapped me). Ouch! That hurts man! Can you imagine that? While I was standing in front of the class, when the teacher wasn't around, and I was calling my friend at the back, then came the uninvited teacher from class 6 Al-Farabi (next to my class). The noisy turned quiet, dead. Everyone was looking at me, terrible. I was soo terribly ashamed. Haih. Feels like my 'shares' dropped to zero. Malu.

I didn't exactly know why he would have slapped me right on my right cheek, while there were so many people laughing and joking around, making noise after done answering UPSR exam, just like me. Why me? Huh? Yes, I knew it. You liked me, right? You did! Yes! I love you teacher!

It wasn't just me that, hate (well, I mean, not like him as I do to other teacher) him so much. There were bunch of students hate him too, or might be they hate him much more than I did. I mean, seriously HATE him! To a degree when there was a student who crafted a graffiti on his car door using a coin. Niceee one huh...

I'm sorry old man, you are the one who had successfully made them (including me) behave like that. You shouldn't have always flirting with girls, talking to male students like shit, always fill your time with smoking behind the class building and etc..Those shits made me (and most students) felt like doing rebel is good.

I was totally lose at the moment when you slapped me. I couldn't replay back the time and not shouting in the class. And if I was able to do so, I definitely would. I found a very deep-in-meaning phrase from a graffiti on a desk by Anonymous author while I was studying at Krannert last 2 months.
"Life is a game you can't lose cuz if you did there's no replay"

Well said my friend. Happy teachers day in advance, Cikgu Hamid!

p/s: In the memory of being slapped for the first and the last time of my beautiful life.

February 4, 2010


If someone comes to me and ask, "Hey, what's up dude?" I would probably reply "Huh, nothing is up. Everything is going down man."
Aahh..i'm just being too sluggish. I got a Stats exam tomorrow evening but in reality, it's like nothing is going to happen as I enjoyed doing some stretching at gym and playing volleyball with all mat salleh at Corec after going back from dining work. How joyful was that? Plus, there is a list of movies that awaits me to enjoy them. Oh guys, I promise to entertain you after the exam ok?

Anyways, my auntie's wedding last month was awesome! And the thing that added up the awesomeness was I forgot to wish her my regards! Geez. I totally forgot. How come I didn't wish my last auntie got married while I was here, not get any chance to join the party? oh my..sorry bik dila! May Allah bless you and your beloved husband. Congrats for your wedding. I love your pinky theme, nice and cute! Till we meet again this summer :D

* * *
Whoever haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire, please go and watch it! Seriously worthy. It would be my best film of the year. Yeah! It is written. I will answer D for my stats exam tomorrow. And Changeling too. It was awesome! And one more, don't watch Gamer. It was such a loser movie. Nuff said. Better watch Gelak Khas. Lol.

January 24, 2010

Super Bowl 44: Colts VS Saints

Ok now I'm stuck. Which one should get my full support: the team of your place that you belong to or the team that has your ex-QB of your college? The Indianapolis Colts or the New Orleans Saints?

Ok now let's make it simple. Whoever wins the game, i'll be in that team. How does it sound? Sounds much fair and unbias right? lol

Congrats to Colts for defeating the New York Jets and a huge applause for the Saints for not losing hope in the last minute. Your interception was awesome!

Whatever it is, gotta watch the Super Bowl 44 on Feb 7.

Left: Peyton Manning 18
Right: Drew Brees 9

January 23, 2010

2 is greater than 1

They say, "Two is better than one". And I say, "Two is greater than one". Which one is the right one? Yes, surely it's mine! Two is always greater than one. If you say no, then you have to go back to your primary school and learn Math again.

Ahhh..It's just the song by Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. And it keeps repeating all day long thru the radio. It is like a song in an iPod stuck on replay. I believe that the DJ has already set the time to air the song and he goes eating Subway from am to pm. Huh.

Anyways, Colts will be meeting Jets in the AFC Championship while the old-timer's team, Brett Favre, the Vikings will be fighting the Ex-Purdue QB Drew Brees, the Saints tomorrow evening. I won't go anywhere, will do anything to keep my eyes staring in front of my 52" Sony television.Whose your favorite team? Your expected team to grab the Super Bowl champion title this season?
Owh, it will be the Colts! Or at least the Saints! Yeah!

Hey, how about the Midwest Games that has been a hot issue lately? Yes, its Purdue! We gonna organize this prestigious event. And the most beautiful part is, I just play. No need to hardly plan and plan and plan and get everything settled, I mean going back and forth to meet 'someone' and set up an organized plan. Huh. That's terrible.

Never mind, I know I am not capable to do those kind of things. I just can see people doing their job done. That's all. Thanks everyone! :D

Owh btw, not forget to mention. I have my desktop done! Yeay! Can you believe I assemble them myself? Omg, I can't believe this either. You know what, passion determines triumph. You can do it if you think you can do it.
23" Samsung monitor + AMD Phenom X3 2.5 Ghz Triple Core + ASUS motherboard + 900 Gb HDD + 500wt PSU + 6 Gb DDR2 RAM + Cooler Master Elit 341 Mini Tower Chassis+ Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
Isn't it a nice machine? Oh, at least it can stay for one-and-half-year because I'm planning to build another one (way better than this, hopefully) before going back home. And now this is the real nice, isn't it?

Err..anyone who interested, give me a ring. Price is negotiable.

January 18, 2010

101 East : Whose God?

I'm not very sure how should I react now. The snow falling pace is decreasing by now, the snow is melting. Fahrenheit degree shows the range between the interval of 29-33 most of the days. Maybe I should say Alhamdulillah as God knows what is best for me, less cold a.k.a more heat.

What's happening now? The issue of Allah's name has been very hot at the moment since the last time it was debated in the late of 2007. And now it is highlighted again. Why? Is there any hidden agenda that the Catholic is pursuing of raising this chaotic predicament? They have succeeded causing the Malay Muslims to fight each other, bringing this issue to another political debate. Oh my..I hate political debate. Plus, debate that organized by selecting the so-called 'less-credibility-to-talk' people will just mess up the situation, not to bring up the truth.

Having watched the 101 East : Whose God? produced by Al-Jazeera, made me feel more unease. Common man, Marina Mahathir shouldn't be there! What credibility that a social activist has to talk about Islam while she herself doesn't follow the right way of wearing the Hijab, as clean-and-clearly ordered in the Holy Qor'an? Oh my God, this is one of the sign of the Doomsday, when Ulama' fatwa is put aside and people with less knowledge about Islam is brought forward to give a speech.

I'm tired of this. But I have to admit that this issue has it's agenda. The government wants to hide something? It is true? Maybe not..or maybe YES! The use of name Allah shouldn't be taken lightly. We own the right to have it, not the non-muslims!

January 11, 2010

The S.I.G.N

When the sign of Allah's greatness lights the one who has been searching for it, no one can ever fight His supremacy.
The video of a photographer (Ruben Abu Bakr) telling the story of the moment when he was about jumping into Islam and he eventually did it.

Allah is not going anywhere my friend, we are instead.
Wanna find His sign, grab His holy Book and read it.

January 7, 2010

Power Rangers went travelling.

Too many to be storied. But first thing first, I lost my Adidas Samba, the first pair of shoes I've ever had in this states. :(

I got many things to write, a lot of experiences to be told, and tons of photos to be shown. But for you guys, I've got only this entry. Enjoy it.

Muktamar '09. Atlanta, Georgia.
I drove my KIA Forte (not actually mine, we rent it) 5+ hours from Purdue to Vanderbilt. Stop by Vandy Uni for a good-nite break and continued the next morning. Add more 5+hours (I guess) of driving to Holiday Inn Hotel, Atlanta. Spent around 4 days and 3 nights there to have seminars, talks and whatever session there had over there to give people, primarily the Muslims, precious inputs by many prominent speakers such as Syaikh Omar Balouj, Ustaz Zamri and many others.
Done for Muktamar, straight to North Carolina for a double-purpose stay. Chill out and Stay Istiqamah.

The Cabin.
I've been to a cabin before, which is located at the very beautiful mountain called Smoky. This time, I would grade the first cabin as way better than this time, simply because it was much more expensive. Make sense rite?

The snow.
Huh. The winter season this year here in WL, to me, got a little weird. First, it started very late compared to last year. Undoubtly, the snow-storm was terrrible, very cold and superb windy. Secondly, my body can't stay any longer of this kind of extreme weather, seriously. I'd rather spend the whole day staying in my room than going down to the Brownstone 201 to make a laundry. Haih. Coldness has taken over my whole body.

Btw, my room arrangement has changed, a lot! Hope that it brings some goodness, well maybe little more spirit of studying for a lazy-and-malas student like me.

Two Reborn Power Rangers with their hideous weapon, Kia Forte.
[Click the picture to enlarge]