October 28, 2010


I've been going to class and gain nothing. When I say nothing, it's nothing. Zero, nul, nulpunt, azzerare, nulo, or whatever they call it in Japanese. I couldn't absorb whatever formula he (my lec of course) wrote on the board. Those formulas seem like...hmmm..whatever. I don't wanna talk about them. They suck!

As my post title's says, heteroskedasticity, despite of it's difficulty of writing it down, and it's weird kind of pronunciation, and long-and-suck word, I find it very suitable for a blog's name instead of a term for describing a variance in an error term, u, in a multiple or single regression in which it depends on the independent variables in the regression.


"Pardon me? Could you say it again?"
No, I couldn't.

See, I've told you, they suck right? I mean, They really are. I'm not soo into statistics anymore. Oh God, please let me out of this "full-of-fantasy" world.

I am wondering what this book talks about?

Keep it nice and simple. Just finish it over and we could turn back our life to normal mode next semester.

And go home.

Find some highly-respected (If I could control everything) positions.

And be somebody. PTD. lol