December 9, 2009


I watched this film, Malaysian product, 'Bohsia'. Huh? Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam. Sampah. No positive, only black path. Good act by Shaheizy Sam though. Like his style of talking. Styloo..

"baik lu pegi cebok muka lu..
...gua tengok dah macam taik dah.."

Better wait to watch this movie, by the same actor. :D

December 7, 2009

1st day of snow is bad

Who says i'm afraid of the finals? You? I know you are like me, but I have to agree to the fact that I am lazier than you. Huh.

How are you guys doing my brothers and sisters? Hope our iman has been increasing, or at least stays, not going under. Don't let the syaitan took the spirit of doing deeds away. Nau'zubillah.

Here it comes the snow, after a sweet-and-sour year has gone. As I get my ass off my comfy bed this Monday morning, the snow has already covered the trees, the leaves surface turned white, as well as the top part of every car in front of the Brownstone 101. Do I love this? Ummph, not really. Summer was much better. At least my wrist and each finger of mine, plus the back part of my feet don't have undesirable wrinkles. Haih.

-Winter 2008-

Anyways, yesterday's "Makan-Makan Dead Week" was awesome. Eventhough the food was cukup-cukup, but at least there were no people died because of not having the chances to taste the finger-licking-good nasi lemak and must-eat rendang + bubur jagung. Peach drinks made the flow of the food going to the stomach smoothly. Alhamdulillah, we had already accomplished our responsibility, although a lilttle bit late (after Hari raya Eid and Adha), that serving other Malaysian people in Purdue (by organizing an open-house) has become an obligation for every single apartment for years.

*The first day of snow in Brownstone had taken away my ARAB 201 and Ethics class this morning.

December 5, 2009

A Double-Meaning Movie

If you guys find irresistible with the title of Los Dan Faun, Buli and Sumolah, you would probably love Papadom, a brand new movie produced and directed by Afdlin Shauki. This double-meaning movie comes from a word Papa and Saadom. If they are mixed up, Papadom is the product. Another lite but jam-packed-of-messages film.

What's up with Papadom? What does it have in it?
It is not as simple as a thin crispy wafer originated from India. It is another great family-comedy-oriented movie produced by Afdlin and somehow has a huge impacts towards fathers, daughters and everybody who has a sense of humanity. Apparently, it triggered my mind to ponder, "Would I ever wanted to HAVE that kind of dad or would I ever wanted to BE like that kind of dad?"

Fuuuuhh~ Hard to think, even harder to answer, and even hardest to apply.
Recheck ourselves my friends.

Taking care of all daughter's undertakings was not as easy as expected.
If you are a parent, this is the kind of film that will prompt you to wonder just how far you would go to protect your child. And if you are a son or a daughter then you will realize just how far your parents are willing to go to protect you simply because they love you.

Haish. Already told you guys a lot about this movie. Hehe.
Watch it if you wanna know more. :D

Excellent. Not felt heavy-eyed eventho it was 2 am in the morning while watching.

Bukan senang...........
nak jadi papa.

December 2, 2009


What makes me feel like a half-crazy man?
The Exam.

What makes me feel full of tension from head to toe?
The Exam.

What forces me to stay up late?
The Exam.

What drives me spending each second of my life studying (even not really study)?
The Exam.

I wanna get rid of the exam!