February 22, 2010

First and Last Slap

My teacher's hand perched my cheek roughly (or you can consider it as he slapped me). Ouch! That hurts man! Can you imagine that? While I was standing in front of the class, when the teacher wasn't around, and I was calling my friend at the back, then came the uninvited teacher from class 6 Al-Farabi (next to my class). The noisy turned quiet, dead. Everyone was looking at me, terrible. I was soo terribly ashamed. Haih. Feels like my 'shares' dropped to zero. Malu.

I didn't exactly know why he would have slapped me right on my right cheek, while there were so many people laughing and joking around, making noise after done answering UPSR exam, just like me. Why me? Huh? Yes, I knew it. You liked me, right? You did! Yes! I love you teacher!

It wasn't just me that, hate (well, I mean, not like him as I do to other teacher) him so much. There were bunch of students hate him too, or might be they hate him much more than I did. I mean, seriously HATE him! To a degree when there was a student who crafted a graffiti on his car door using a coin. Niceee one huh...

I'm sorry old man, you are the one who had successfully made them (including me) behave like that. You shouldn't have always flirting with girls, talking to male students like shit, always fill your time with smoking behind the class building and etc..Those shits made me (and most students) felt like doing rebel is good.

I was totally lose at the moment when you slapped me. I couldn't replay back the time and not shouting in the class. And if I was able to do so, I definitely would. I found a very deep-in-meaning phrase from a graffiti on a desk by Anonymous author while I was studying at Krannert last 2 months.
"Life is a game you can't lose cuz if you did there's no replay"

Well said my friend. Happy teachers day in advance, Cikgu Hamid!

p/s: In the memory of being slapped for the first and the last time of my beautiful life.

February 4, 2010


If someone comes to me and ask, "Hey, what's up dude?" I would probably reply "Huh, nothing is up. Everything is going down man."
Aahh..i'm just being too sluggish. I got a Stats exam tomorrow evening but in reality, it's like nothing is going to happen as I enjoyed doing some stretching at gym and playing volleyball with all mat salleh at Corec after going back from dining work. How joyful was that? Plus, there is a list of movies that awaits me to enjoy them. Oh guys, I promise to entertain you after the exam ok?

Anyways, my auntie's wedding last month was awesome! And the thing that added up the awesomeness was I forgot to wish her my regards! Geez. I totally forgot. How come I didn't wish my last auntie got married while I was here, not get any chance to join the party? oh my..sorry bik dila! May Allah bless you and your beloved husband. Congrats for your wedding. I love your pinky theme, nice and cute! Till we meet again this summer :D

* * *
Whoever haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire, please go and watch it! Seriously worthy. It would be my best film of the year. Yeah! It is written. I will answer D for my stats exam tomorrow. And Changeling too. It was awesome! And one more, don't watch Gamer. It was such a loser movie. Nuff said. Better watch Gelak Khas. Lol.