August 18, 2009

You rock, billie joe!

I would like to describe how awesome and energetic Billie Joe ( Green Day Vocalist ) was while he and his superb-band gangs were performing at the United Center, Chicago IL.

He sang 7-song in a row! Woohoo!
I bet there are no bands out there that can continuously sing without having rest even for a minute or two. I adore his super-duper voice. Plus, believe it or not, he sang 24 songs in total! Sumpah takkan dapat tengok mana2 band Malaysia perform macam dorang (Bkn nak perlekeh, but that's the truth)

One more thing is, Billie tak pernah pakai glasses/shades or whatever it is in order to cover up his eyes. I salute that. Why?
Here's the reason. Many vocalists, primarily male vocalist, wear shades while performing live on stage untuk cover mata dorang that looks kinda abnormal, or strange maybe. This is because they actually have already taken drugs or something to give them more energy while on stage. If korang notice, dorang pakai specs tyme perform and at that time, takde cahaya matahari pon, I mean at night! Pakai specs waktu malam? Wth?
Don't believe me? It's up to you guys, down to me. I was told by the Malaysian Anti-Drugs Society people. Hmmm..

Oh btw, I digressed! Sorry..
Back to Greenday. They were extremely superb band and the concert was awesome as well. I've been listening to their songs for so many years and on that day, I was watching them, live! Such a great experience!

My favorite song, 21 guns, taken from their "21st Century Breakdown" album, was greatly performed. Here it is.

Lastly, been waiting for Muse and Linkin Park too. Whatever it is, can't wait till they come around again.

August 15, 2009

Smoky. Yeah, it's foggy.

Muntah. Zainal muntah dlm van mase otw naik Smoky Mountain.
Don't get me wrong. It's just pembuka cerita utk menarik perhatian audience.

Ok, let's go back to the main topic, Foggy Smoky.
Do you know why it is called Smoky Mountain?
" Yes, I do! Because everybody is smoking up here! "
Haha, funny.

Btw, on our way hiking to the top part of the mountain, which was the tower, I met this one half-100 year old-grandma, relaxing for a minute after walking for about 6 minutes. it was tiring, seriously. Then I asked her that Q again. And then she answered:
"I keep telling my grandsons that Indian people always burn something up here, so that's why it is named Smoky."
Haha. That was funny!

Everyone was laughing. (Aku gelak paling kuat. Nak taw kenape?)
Sebab aku rase ade point kat jawapan tu. Maybe that was one of the reasons why Indians are Black. Selalu main api, terbakar.
Haha. Jangan gelak. Nanti ade orang ckp korang racist!

Alrite, forget about it.
Aku gurau je tu.

P/s: Aku kene pegang rambut sbb angin kuat. Rambut terbang.

Overall, Smoky Mountain mmg best. 5 stars. But i have to admit that Gatlinburg is way better than Pigeon Forge.

August 9, 2009

I'm back.

Aah. Rase macam dah 18 tahun tak update blog nih.
Banyak gile subjek nak diceritakan, tapi macam xdapat nak describe sumer.
Sikit-sikit pon jadilah.

1st. Summer dah abes! Woohoo!!
Tak dapat nak digambarkan dgn kata2 mahupon tayangan perdana, aku memang sgt2 gembira tahap gaban. Aku dah bebas dari kongkongan "Summer Classes"!!
Sumpah tak nak ambik kelas tyme summer lagik!

2nd. Wedding Kak Rose and Paul La Tour.
Pengalaman pertama tengok akd nikah kat US depan mate.
Simple gile.

A: I offer you my daughter, Roselizawati.
B: I accept.

That's all. They are done. Sah sebagai husband and wife.
Bukan macam kat Malaysia: Satu nafas, panjang, mencemaskan, kalau gagap kena ulang.

Then pegi Chicago tuk Majlis Reception. Before that, sambut wedding kat church (Aku pon tak sure kenapa ,maybe Paul nak ikut cara2 perkahwinan tradisi family dia). Best gak ah, Dapat duduk kt dalam church, and bace Holy Bible sket (walaupon xpaham pape)

3rd. Esok [8/10] nak pegi Smokey. Lame giler tak keluar West Lafayette. Eh, hari tu pegi Concert Green Day kat Chicago! Lupe plak nak cite. Takpe la, next post ah.
For the time being, aku nak gi Smokey esok. Nak merasai keindahan hutan kat Us nih.

Ade sape2 nak tolong aku packing..??
(Aku nak main poker kat Fb)