August 14, 2012


Since my boss isn't around, I flashback my memory.

Do you know anyone of your primary schoolmate who didn't wear underwear just because he was so lazy to put it on and just go to school underwearless? Well, if you know that person, you might be my schoolmate since almost 14 years back then. Yes, I'm that simple-yet-stylo-without-spender one.

You know that for many years I've gone to school as a student, I've never considered an underwear as one of the vital 'protection' for myself. Since it is placed inside the pants, so why should I worry if someone asked me if I'm wearing any. I can just simply answered yes, right..?

Until that one day came, I was standing in front of the class waiting for my friend to go to have lunch. He was still busy finishing up his homework (Not that I had done mine, I just too lazy to finish them up since I was so hungry).

He stood up, coming to me. He then slapped my butt (Yes, he did it real hard) and everyone in the class heard  the 'Paapp!' sound. They looked at me sharply. Just like I was cracking a joke in Maharaja Lawak. You know what was the worst part of it? My teacher was just standing next to me. Then I got the superb-easy but superb-hardest question to be answered. She asked:

" Tak pakai spender ke? "

* Please insert a Poker-face meme here *

Sometimes there's a thing that is better to be left unsaid. But, not for me.

" Tak. " I answered solidly.
I couldn't believe that I was so confident at that time. What should you lie if by saying the truth, there'll be no bad consequences affect you. In fact, the tragedy has greatest impact on me. They could claim me as inappropriate by not putting on an underwear, but who cares? It's my identity! My confidence level elevates! Lol

That was the true story of me as underwear-less student. Be yourself, reveal your potential identity. Hahah !

p/s: I started wearing underwear the next academic year. Good job..right?


Brand new Indie Raya song has been added to my Raya songs list.

Dear Youtube, you need to provide a 'Replay' button!

PESAWAT - Menjelang Syawal