October 8, 2012


I was assigned to prepare a caselet (simpler and shorter than a booklet) for my activity during the 2nd Quarterly Development Program (QDP) held by RSOG couple of months ago. It's about the aboriginal kids. 



As the clouds show its darkness side, I could feel it’s going to be pouring in a couple of minutes. But we’ll never terminate the plan; instead it’s going to be a hard and challenging day.

We met the students of SK Sungai Melut (A), Dengkil. They are known as aboriginal kids, even though they are encircled in the middle of municipal areas like Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Nilai. The truth is, they are like living in a jungle; far away from the development. Ok, stop with the theory. Let’s get into the real-life situation.

Since I got the veto power as a group leader, I chose Group 2. Even with diverse appearances, styles and characters, I’ll never practice double-standard. They are all still human who need to be treated equivalently like other uptown boys and girls.

Ice-breaking session runs smoothly. They seem to be in an afraid-to-speak-up-with-stranger mode. Out of 9 of them, my attention has been distracted to a girl. I couldn't describe why, at first, but my instinct says that she was insightfully attractive.

The first exercise is called “All about me”. We gave them a bunch of M&Ms. Each color has its own description. For instance, yellow indicates “Family”, Chocolate represents “School” and green means “Yourself”. They have to tell the rest based on the colors of M&Ms in their hand.  I waited for about 15 minutes for the chosen girl’s turn to speak up.

Her name is Asmesa (real name though), physically a typical aboriginal kid. Unparallel to her appearance, her style was gorgeous. She was the only kid who chose to stand up  while explaining about herself. Yes, I apparently like her, as if she was around my age, I’d love to fall in love with her. Geeezz, I was dreaming.

I was putting my attention to her. Smiling is the only thing that I thought she was expert at. I love to see her eye-catching grin. Sometimes she was whispering to her friend next to her, and then she would chuckle a little bit. Seeing her quiet laughter, at a second I thought she was young Amy Adams.

The next session is called “What would I be in the future”. A fireman, a soldier and a cleaner are the top list of careers that most of them see themselves in the future. They love to be like their father, mother, sister and people around them.

All of a sudden….

“Hi guys. I’m an 11-year-old girl. Since I was 8, I wanted to be a cleaner at KLIA. But since a year ago, stewardess has become my final career choice because I love to entertain people with my gorgeous smile.”

With a classy style, everyone was awestruck, including me who was  flabbergasting for 5 seconds. She has an astounding but never-impossible dream.

During a take-five break, I got a powerful tendency to approach her.

Me: Hi Asmesa. How do you do?
Her: Hi!
(With a beautiful smile on her face, she was amazing.)
Me: Hmmm..Why stewardess?
Her: Well, you know. My smile’s gorgeous.
Me: Hmm ok, it sure is. Heh He
Her: I like fashion. Plus, I always wanted to travel to many places around the world. I wanted to see the magnificent Niagara Falls, to have fun in Universal Studio Florida, to experience the hectic city of Tokyo and many more.
Me: Oh, wow! Where did you get those info from?
Her: Well, we’ve got a television and internet at home. Everything’s connected. In fact, I got a friend from India in my Facebook friend’s list. That’s cool, isn’t it? (Continue smiling.)

Wow. She was incredibly outstanding. Now I know why she is super adorable. I bet I know nothing about the world when I was her age. I wouldn't even know what Niagara Falls is! I couldn't believe a little kid has a very clear view of what she wanted to achieve in her life, even though she’s been living in a far-away-from-growth place. Isn't that awesome?

Again, I don’t want to double-standard any of them, so I pray to God for their wishes to come true one day.


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