September 24, 2012


I love drawing. Since the day I got into the kindergarten, the subject that I like the most is drawing. But there's a little problem about my drawing skill, which is, I don't have the talent. Sigh..

You know that I've been admiring people with this kind of talent so much. I got a friend of mine who's able to draw a Hanamichi Sakuragi's photo in a very short time, but it really as akin as Hanamichi Sakuragi (?). I asked him to teach me how to draw like he did, I took about half an hour but only managed to finish drawing the head. How suck am I at drawing?

I called a person who can draw as an artist. I can see some innate style in them. An artist always have the very good imagination in mind which they can translate it into a piece of paper by using only a pencil. Later, the whitey-empty paper becomes an attraction to impress people around. Or some even got a value of thousand bucks.

If you are a sketch artist, you can just sit around in a flowery and grassy garden, sketching some stuff you've seen or even draw some beautiful chicks you saw. Later on, you coolly hand in the sketch you did to her with your phone number on it. Isn't a fabulous way of getting a girl? Nope, it's not. Okay, I'm jealous.

One thing I love being an artist (I hope so) is that you are never alone. You can draw anything or anyone you want. You can create some imaginary friends. Build a new comic. Fabricate characters, give some powers to them, put in colors and finally you can have your own squad of Power Rangers or The Avengers. Oh, cool!

I love arts. And artists too. Even though I can't draw, I'm still thankful that I can hit the volleyball. 

Tak sabar nak main volley Ahad ni bersama Semalu VC :)

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