September 18, 2012


What does it take to make a change? A change for good, for sure.

Simply said, Change is a simple term but it actually brings along a big gist behind it. It contains of truckloads of risk, discomfort, uncertainty, challenge, on and so forth. When you say you want to change the world of yours, you are basically giving up what’s called safe and comfort. It’s like going out for rock-climbing (Looking for some troubles) and leaving relaxing-on-a-couch session behind on a great Sunday morning.

Making a change doesn’t mean that ‘’you don’t know how lovely you are’’ based on the scientist by Coldplay. It’s just another step to creating a better man for yourself, preparing your body and soul to face unknown challenges ahead. Even though nobody’s perfect, we need to be better. We just don’t want to always sit back and relax, watching movies while having cheeseburgers on the hand without knowing how to burn the calories that have been consumed.

In fact, people view change differently. I don’t care what your say on this is, since this is my blog space, I’ll type my own point. You go and create a new entry in your blog. Hehe

To make a change, for me, there’s a process you need to go through. I'd say it’s all about your way of thinking. As Einstein has said, “This world that we’ve created can’t be changed without changing our way of thinking”. See? I’m almost Einstein. LoL  

I’ve been trying to apply change for good for myself but not quite satisfied enough. I need to inject in more and more efforts, to sustain my active life and to mingle around with certain type of people.  For that, I’ve made a list (but not to be revealed here). I have missions and visions of my life. I break those missions and visions down into bite-sized pieces so that it would be very easy to be accomplished. This is the process. Step one, keep on reading.

So again, what does it take to make a change?


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